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Posted by Mr. Nathan Slovin on Jan 25th, 2016 9:17am

By Nathan Slovin, ASI Director of Client Excellence Programs, nslovin@advsol.com

What is good about the way things used to be done?  How does that fit in today’s environment?  Or do we need to work the other way around?

When we consider buying or using new technology do we need to think not just about what we will gain, but what we will lose?   Because when you think about it, today’s technology is replacing the way we used to do things.  We could assume that a large number of people think this is a good thing, otherwise there wouldn’t be a market for it.  Right?  So what we are getting, is what we want.  That is good?  Right?  

Think about this for a second.  In the past 10 years as new uses of technology invade every part of our lives what have we lost?  What have we lost that matters (to you)?  

It’s another snow day here in Old Town, trying to finish up my 2016 presentations (largely unmotivated).  With all the snow (and shoveling) "I'm just a little verklempt. A little emotional. Talk amongst yourselves. Discuss!"   



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