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Posted by Mr. Nathan Slovin on Apr 19th, 2016 10:13am

Nathan Slovin, Director of Client Excellence Programs at Advanced Solutions International (ASI) & iMIS Business Excellence Forum (iBEF); nslovin@advsol.com

The iMIS Business Excellence Forum (iBEF) conference schedule is off to a fast start with 15 clients joining us in California, 18 in Melbourne AU, 18 in Sydney AU and another 15 joining us in Bethesda MD in the early months of 2016.

Our goals at iBEF are increased client engagement through executive level conversations.  That is not to say that we do not talk about iMIS at the iBEF Conferences, but the focus is on how each client organization can act strategically to use iMIS more and better; getting more from the investment.

In preparing this years agenda when reading what not-for-profit thought leaders have to say you would think that the “sky is falling” and perhaps for some organizations this may be the case, but an exploration of other thought leaders suggests that the “sky is the limit.” 

So the questions for iBEF attendees this year is where do you stand and what are you doing about it?

The iBEF agenda is structured to provoke thought along these lines recognizing that while it may not be time to “bring out your dead” borrowing a quote from the popular movie Monty Python & the Search for the Holy Grail, it may be time for an adjustment.

Discussions during the day evolve:

  • Uber and Robots:  Arriving early at iBEF events challenges attendees from the start when, borrowing from various ASAE colleagues, we ask, “What if your members became robots?”  “And what is your Uber?”  Fundraisers and Associations Executives in the room, grapple with these questions and how the answers impact delivery systems, fundraising/revenue sources and leadership.    
  • Strengthen the Core:  To build & sustain your core; if your core is bad – then rebuild; fall back in love with the true purpose of associations and fall back in love your organization’s purpose and mission, but keep your core group strong.
  • RiSING up:  The use of RiSE has enabled many iMIS clients to compete on customer experience; discussions conclude that improved customer service and product innovation to drive growth will take a back seat and now companies see a future where competitive advantage will be based on the customer experience.
  • Creating Efficiencies:  Discussions then move to an exploration of culture change and why creating a culture of innovation with iMIS and a disciplined, data-driven decision making culture enabling organizations to manage resources and redeploy is necessary.
  • Networking is key:  As the day continues so does the lively conversation, networking and learning what other organizations are doing now and planning to do in the future; benefits that are central to the agenda and a hallmark of iBEF events.
  • iMIS in the future:  After lunch the iBEF team presents an iMIS Product Development Outlook (PDO) exploring what iMIS will look like in the future enabling each client to include this information in planning for the future.

2016 iBEF Calendar:  Please encourage the clients you are working with to attend an iBEF Conference this year.  The calendar is as follows – learn more on the www.iBEFcommunity.com or register for an event at www.advsol.com/iBEF.

  1. 24-Feb-16 Sacramento, CA
  2. 25-Feb-16 Sydney, AU
  3. 25-Feb-16 Los Angeles, CA
  4. 1-Mar-16 Melbourne, AU
  5. 21-Apr-16Bethesda, MD
  6. 11-May-16 Toronto, ON; Split agenda a) Associations & Fundraising; b) Regulatory Bodies
  7. 12-May-16 Ottawa, ON
  8. 9-Jun-16 Washington DC
  9. 22-Jun-16 Austin, TX
  10. 23-Jun-16 Dallas, TX
  11. 20-Jul-16 Kansas City, MO
  12. 21-Jul-16 Chicago, IL
  13. 10-Aug-16 New York, NY
  14. 11-Aug-16 Boston, MA
  15. 14-Sep-16 Denver, CO
  16. 15-Sep-16 Vancouver, BC
  17. 25-Oct-16 Melbourne, AU
  18. 9-Nov-16 Alexandria, VA
  19. 10-Nov-16 Philadelphia, PA


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